What Is The Difference Between Charity And Social Work?

Most people often mistake social and charity work to mean the same thing, which is normally a wrong concept. This is because they have never taken time to find out the main difference between social work and charity. The two terms and the activities that both engage may seem similar but the truth is there exist a difference even if it is slight. In this article, I want to highlight the small difference that exists between charity work and social work.

The first difference between charity and social work is based on objective. The main objective of charity work greatly lies on helping people who are in dire need of help to attain a descent standard of living and having their rights protected. catholic charitiesSocial work on the other hand is based on poverty ancient civilization and religious beliefs of the world. It main involves Health care, poverty alleviation, legal aid, sustainable development, domestic violence, education, addiction, child abuse, homelessness among many other things. 

Another notable difference is in terms of payment. Charity work is an act of helping people by giving objects such as clothes or food, money, or any other resources that can help improve their lives without being paid and does not require any formal training. Social work on the other hand is a paid job and requires formal. It involves working with people from different walks to be emotionally supportive and to help them connect with other outside agencies which can include charitable organizations.

Another difference is that charity work involves helping an individual or a group of people obtain what they need at the moment whereas social works involves training and motivating individuals or a group of people, to help them acquire or earn what they need not just at the moment but in their entire lifetime. In other words, the aim of social work is to help people solve their own problems.

Charity work is a short term work that may not go beyond  three years as it involves giving people what they need right away. However, social work is a long term project and has pre set goals that may take more than five years to achieve.

Though the two terms may seem similar in terms of objectives, there however exists a small difference and I hope that by reading through this article, you have had an insight of the difference between charity work and social work.

What Is The Difference Between Charity And Social Work?

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