What Are The Causes Of Racism?

Racism is one of the most common problems affecting human kind. It haunts our current relationship with others as well as degrading the future. Even though it is a common issue on earth, most people don’t know exactly what cause racism, yet most of them are racist. In order to cub racism, we need to understand what causes racism. Here are some of the causes of racism:

Poor upbringing

Most parents bear the responsibility of what their children believe in and what they think about other people of different races. Each time a parent talks or responds harshly to another person of a different race, they are sending a message to their children that such kind of people should be treated that way and this is how racism begins. Hate starts from the parents and spreads to the children making it very hard to change as it becomes part of their personality.

Peer pressure

Friends can have the same effect as parents. Associating yourself with people who believe that a particular group of people are not worth associating with can influence you to hate that group of people as you are likely to listen to your friends. You are therefore more likely to agree with what they say about people from another race and this can lead you to become a racist.racism effect

Personal Experience

People who have been assaulted by people from another race tend to develop fear and hatred towards that particular race. This is normal but as you develop much hatred about this particular race, it becomes racism. Some people even go as far as influencing other people from their race to hate that particular race, hence contributing to racism at a great extent.


Most people are fearful about what they don’t know or understand. If a child is brought up with people from his or her race alone, then the child is more likely to resist people from other races. This is not a common case, but when someone is fed with negative stereotypes and has no life experience about staying around people from other races, he or she  is more likely to be a racist.

That is why it is essential for children to grow up around people from other races to ensure that their minds adapt and to avoid believing in negative statements from stereotypes.

Other causes of racism can be stereotypes and selfishness. Racism is a bad thing and as human beings we should do everything possible to ensure that it does not crop in our society. It is not the government’s responsibility to fight racism but yours. Starting fighting racism today and change the world.

What Are The Causes Of Racism?

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