The Problem of Youth Sport in Community

Sport is very important in the life of every child because it is a chance to meet new kids and to learn a whole lot about life by playing and socializing.  It is how kids become healthy adults and not only in the physical way.

It is also very important for the psyche, learning how to win and lose and how to be a friend.  Kids who play sports learn how to be persistent, how to be passionate about something and just how important it is not to give up when the obstacle appears.  However, lately, some problems have been noticed concerning youth sport in the community.

Sports for Kids Community

The parents who are involved too much

In this competitive age, many parents forget how important it is to let a child play and learn by himself a home to carry himself in life.  There are so-called helicopter parents who want to control everything and get involved in every part of the play.

If their child makes a mistake, they blame the coach and want him to do something about it.  Some even go to further lengths and wants their child to go to another team thinking that this one is no good for him.  This is truly not the case.  Children learn through trying, making a mistake and learning from it.

If the child is afraid to make a mistake, then you will have one frustrated individual scared to live a life.  Some parents react immediately after the mistake is done humiliating the child by yelling in front of the peers, demanding to know why he couldn’t do a better.  It is a vicious circle and it completely shifts the focus from the game and enjoying it to the need to win.

Winning at all cost

Since the successful sports players have better chances of getting into a great college and having a better life, there is a great pressure on the kids to win.  When a child with that kind of surrounding loses, there is a very strong reaction to it.  This may lead to all sorts of problems, including developing anxiety.

This is not at all the point of sport, because playing sport should be primarily an enjoyment and then everything else. Otherwise why should some parents even introduce their wards and kids to enhancement supplements, even if you claim they are legal or harmless?

Many research has proven that children are very impressionable heart, very inquisitive and would take things to higher levels – positive or negative. When you introduce kids to read reviews about legal anabolic steroids because some shady sellers claims them as safe, what stop the kids from trying illegal stuff and even hard drugs as adults?

It should be a way you for a child to learn how to behave to get the results he wants, to improve the game, to give his best and to see the fruits of his labor.  Your child should be in control of the game.  This is how one responsible individual gets developed.

Starting at the early age

There are a great variety of sports that a child can choose from, play and enjoy.  However, lately and there has been a change in the age when the child starts training.  It’s been noticed that some start even at the age of four.  This is too early to impose on a child’s to win, try harder and be dedicated to a sport.  It should be a time when the child learns to play.  At this age, children don’t even understand the concept the winning.

This can only happen later on, at the age of six or seven because the child is much more mature and understands more.  It’s has been noticed that children who start early get fed up quicker with the game and I want to give up.

The need for winning and ambition should not be put in front of the child’s needs.  A wise parent knows how to follow his child’s development and understand when is the right time to introduce something new and when it’s time to let the child learn some things by himself.

Learning the rules of the play

The rules of the play should be introduced to the child’s in the school slowly so the child can have enough time to learn at his own pace without the pressure.  When there is no pressure, there is no fear of failing and the child can freely develop into a successful, happy individual.

This means the child who loves playing will be happy to spend the time on the court.  It is very important for this natural process to happen without intervening of parents because if the pressure starts building up, in end the effect will be completely opposite of what has been expected.  When the desire of a child is too fragile at first, any pressure from the parent can do more harm than good.

The coaches who don’t like their job

The role of a coach is essential in the life of every child.  It should be a person who will teach the children not only how to play a game, but also how not to give up, how to win and lose, how to be a friend and be stable and persistent.

It should be an inspiring person who will be there in the times when it’s tough, but also how to give the right push when necessary.  Some coaches simply don’t belong to this position.  Even though they teach the children to win, there is that the other part of the coin which is also necessary.  Looking at this position simply as a job is not enough.

These issues need to be addressed, but they will continue to be present.  It is not easy to change something that has become widespread.  Competitiveness is something that we can all see everywhere.  It has become a drive of many people who simply don’t know how to lose and how to accept the fact that losing also happens.

It is completely normal part of the life and should be seen as such.  Developing a child’s personality takes time, dedication, planning and lots of understanding and love.  Being an understanding parent will help you to develop a great relationship with your child, but also to give your child a chance to learn some things by himself.  It is a chance for a child to become a successful adult.

The Problem of Youth Sport in Community

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