Drug Addiction

Is Drug Addiction The Worst Curse Of Humanity?

This is a question of debate and depending on each person’s point of view, drug addiction can or cannot be considered a curse on humanity. However, before answering this question, it is essential that we understand what drugs are and what addiction is, as well as the overall effects of addiction. By understanding this, we will have an insight of why drugs may or may not be a curse on humanity.

What are drugs?

Drugs are chemical substances that alter the normal functioning of the body and brain. Whereas drugs can be used to treat different ailments affecting human beings, overdosing or using the drugs for wrong purposes pose a great danger of addiction and several health issues. Abusing and getting addicted to different drugs has different effects on the user and may include health consequences that may last for long or even permanent consequences. These effects may even continue after the person has stopped taking these substances.drug abuse

As we speak, over 7 million across the globe are suffering from drug abuse and addiction, and one in every 5 deaths is due to drug abuse and addiction. In fact, more illness, disability stems, and death are as a result of drug abuse and addiction than from other preventable health issues. People suffering from drug and substance addiction also pose a high risk of unintentional accidents, injuries as well as domestic violence incidents.

What is drug addiction?

Medically known as substance use disorder, drug abuse or addiction is caused by habitual consuming of addictive substances such as alcohol, opioids, cocaine, hallucinogens, marijuana, and heroin among others. Drug addiction can, therefore, be defined as a chronic mental disorder that is characterized by compulsive substance seeking and use, despite its harmful effects.

Effects of drug addiction.

When we talk about effects of drug addiction, it is important to note that addiction has no positive effect on the user.  Drug addiction has several negative effects that we cannot talk about in this single article. Nevertheless, we are going to look at the overall or general effects of addiction without going deep into each and every effect of addiction.

Illness, disability stems, and deaths are some of the most common effects of drug addiction and affect more lives than several other preventable health issues. As we speak, more deaths due to substance abuse and addiction are experienced in most if not all parts of the world and according to statistics, one in every five deaths is due to drug abuse and addiction.

The impact on health due to drug abuse and addiction is far-reaching and affects virtually all organs of the body. Drugs weaken the body’s immune system, hence making it prone to infections and diseases. Drug addiction also results in cardiovascular problems such as heart attacks and abnormal heart rates. Injecting these drugs also lead to infection of the heart valves and blood vessels as well as collapsed veins. The liver is also not spared and it forces the liver to work extra hard and possibly result in significant damage to the liver.drug abuse adverse effect

One of the notable and perhaps the most dangerous effect of addiction is the ability to alter the normal functioning of the brain, which then interferes with an individual’s ability to think and make right decisions. There are several other effects of drug addiction and may include behavioral problems such as aggressiveness, paranoia, hallucinations, and loss of control among others.

Having known what drug abuse and addiction is, as well as the effects, then I can say that drug addiction is the worst curse on humanity. It has affected the human kind and taken away millions of lives. Drug addiction has spread and engulfed teenagers and older people across the world. Drug addiction has to be uprooted from the society, otherwise, the future generation will have to face unforeseen consequences.…